Working from home for a while? Here’s 2 great apps you could use right about now.

In case you’re not used to it, transitioning to a work-from-home lifestyle can be a challenging exercise. To help keep you get off on the right track, we’re highly recommending these 2 great tools for you to consider to help maximize efficiency.


Get More Done In Less Time, With Less Personnel

microsoft flow

Time is money. Especially during these troubled times when we need to spend as much of our time as possible working on our business, and doing sales outreach, and we need to spend as little time as possible on the day-to-day tasks – especially repetitive data entry! Plus, many of you may be short-staffed which dumps even more of this type of workload on your plate than normal.

Fortunately, this powerful automation tool, which is part of Microsoft’s Office 365 software package, allows you to automate repetitive data entry tasks, invoicing, approvals, and more. It truly is amazing. Checkout these two Youtube Videos and see for yourself: |

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Get Business Calls On Your Cell Phone

grasshopper phone system is a virtual phone system that provides local or toll-free numbers, unlimited extensions, and call forwarding so that your small business can function like a large company.

The key thing is that this service allows you to use one central number, and multiple extensions that can ring on all your employees cellphones so you don’t have to buy them a separate business-only phone. And because of that, you and your employees can conduct phone business from anywhere, not just the office. After activating the account, just download the app to your phone and the business number will ring on your cell phone.

Grasshopper also offers a number of other services for your small business, including the ability to receive voicemails and faxes online or through email. Customize main greetings, set hold music, and participate in conference calls. You could also setup informational extensions so callers can access pre-recorded information such as product descriptions, store hours, or driving directions. Learn more at, and view pricing packages, at

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