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WordPress Web Services

WordPress is one of the most popular content-management-systems a website can be built upon. Part of the reason is that there’s tons and tons of features and functionality that can be easily applied to your website. You know the famous Apple commercial that says “there’s an app for that”, implying that any cool feature you want for your iPhone, there’s an app that gives you that ability. Well, with WordPress, there’s something called a “plugin” for that – which adds a new feature to your website in much the same way.

Plus there’s the fact that WP makes it super easy for YOU to add/edit/remove content at your leisure without having to rely upon a website developer every time you want to change something. Want to regularly add blog articles to your site? No problemo. Need to add new products to your company’s e-commerce store? No problemo. And when we build your site, we give you a tutorial on just how to go about that, and we’re always available if you need a refresher.

But, if you try and build a WP site yourself and aren’t well versed in it, or you hire a sloppy developer, your site could be plagued with issues. From themes to widgets to plugins, there’s a lot of elements that need to work together seamlessly.

Another important item to note when considering an agency to build your WP site – you better make certain to:

  1. Avoid using premium themes. Premium themes are pre-packaged templates that designers put up for sale so that someone looking to build a WP site can start with a partially completed framework. The problem that we’ve found is many of the authors of these templates rarely update the themes with the latest web browser standards. And therefore security holes tend to develop over time and put your site at much greater risk of being hacked. You’re much better off starting from a less complete but more regularly updated theme like any of the yearly ones (Twenty Thirteen, Twenty Fourteen, etc…) created by the WordPress authors and found here: https://wordpress.org/themes/browse/popular/
  2. Use child themes to avoid getting your customizations overridden whenever there’s an update to the parent theme.

To bring the discussion back full circle – fortunately, we are WP experts and have got tons of experience developing websites in WordPress for business owners in New Jersey and beyond. In fact, we’ve built close to 200 of them. Heck, this site is built with it!

So what are you waiting for… contact our Hoboken, NJ office today to discuss.