Website Maintenance Package FAQs

website maintenaince

Why is it important to perform updates to my site if it’s already built?
Your site is built upon a software platform called WordPress. Just like the software on your computer or cell phone, the (WordPress) software developers are constantly pushing out updates and security patches. In order to apply these security patches, and keep your site well protected from viruses, hacks and other threats, those updates should be regularly applied.

On a related note, few things will screw up your search engine rank (GOOGLE, BING, YAHOO, ETC…) more than having an infected site. Search engines have no desire to send their users to websites that are potentially infected.

What services are included in the 1 year maintenance package? (i.e. Terms)

  • QUARTERLY UPDATES – Within 7 business days of every 3 month anniversary following the start of the agreement, we’ll login to your WordPress dashboard to:
    A) Create and download backups of the WordPress files and database.
    B) Perform any pending WordPress updates.
  • CLEANINGS – If we notice any signs that your site is compromised or infected, we’ll act to clean the infection or patch the hole. And if necessary, we’ll restore the files and database we’ve kept from the quarterly backup. If evidence suggests that the client or client’s hosting company was responsible for the breach, re-install and cleanup efforts will be billed at $125/hr fee + any related hosting company restoration service fees.
  • WORDPRESS SUPPORT – We will continue to provide technical support for questions about how to add/edit/delete content from the Page Editing Area and Post Editing Area. Details on “Editing Areas” of WordPress Pages and Posts can be found here:

What responsibilities does I (the website owner) have during the 1 year maintenance period?
You must maintain a WordPress password deemed by the User Profile Passworth Strength Indicator as “Strong” or greater.

If I (the website owner) wanted to just perform any updates myself, how would I know if my website needs updating?
Login periodically to your WordPress Dashboard by affixing “/wp-login.php” to the end of your domain name. Once logged in to the Dashboard, in the upper left is an “Updates” indicator, which shows the amount of features that should be updated.

If I (the website owner) were to choose to perform updates myself, how would I do that?

  1. Before you perform any updates, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you first make a complete backup (files AND Database) of your website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Depending on your hosting company, there’s different ways to go about this. Contact them to confirm their backup procedure.
  2. Login to your WordPress dashboard via the “site manager login” link at the bottom of your site. Click the “Updates” indicator in the top left. And follow the indicated steps to manually perform each update. Most of the time, it will involve a one-click install.
  3. Go to your website to make sure EVERYTHING is functioning properly. Test all submission forms, payment buttons, e-mail sign-up forms, etc…

What are the risks if I (the website owner) were to perform updates on my own?
Wordpress update problems Occasionally the software upgrades aren’t compatible with and don’t play nice with the existing files and features. Troubleshooting steps will be needed.

Who would be responsible for a security breach?
As the WordPress software is NOT created by Small Biz Makeover, nor is the hosting account infrastructure, we cannot be held responsible for security flaws and infections. As no software or server is 100% safe from security breach, we cannot be held accountable for all security breaches should they occur. Further, we are NOT held accountable for patching any software that has been installed to the site without our knowledge.

Final Thoughts
Is there a chance something can go wrong? YES. Will something go wrong? You never know… Security procedures are constantly changing. If you don’t do the updates, you’re putting your website at greater risk to be hacked or generally corrupted. Even if you do perform the updates, there’s always still a chance that it will be hacked or corrupted. That’s why it’s important to have someone like us ‘ready-in-wait’, with the know-how to resolve these issues in a timely fashion.

If you chose not to hire us to perform maintenance, be advised that if you suddenly require our services, you will be subject to our standard hourly rates and will have your issues attended to on a first-come-first-serve basis.