Clip your website footer toenails!

website footer
An oudated website footer will scare customers off just like unsightly toenails will scare off a date!

Most websites out there, for better or worse, have something called a footer, which is text at the very bottom of the page that typically contains some copyright information or legal jargon. You’ll notice at the bottom of it says “Copyright © 2011 • • All Rights Reserved”.

So many times I come across sites that mention something other than the current year in their website footer. Holy cow is that a blatant give-a-way that this company either 1) Doesn’t proofread their website or 2) They actually haven’t updated their site since whatever year is listed.

Now if I was considering hiring that company’s services or buying their products, this snafu on their website raises some immediate red flags that make me second guess if I actually want to give them my business. First and foremost, I begin to question whether or not the rest of the information on their website is accurate and up-to-date. Second, I question their competence. If they’re not proofreading their website, how can I be so sure that they cross the “T”s and dot the “i”s in everything else they do??? Finally, if I find other information on their site that seems outdated, I might even have to ask myself, is this company even still in business???

Are those the kind of thoughts you want going through the mind of a potential client? I doubt it! So do your due diligence and make your website footer up-to-date. And don’t forget to do it at the start of next year too!!!!!!!

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