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Website Development Services

Web Design and Development for Small Businesses

In today’s digital age, the internet is where everything happens. This includes finding potential customers for small business owners. This is also why websites are incredibly important. A business’ website is where users first interact with a brand and it’s also where they might be converted into paying customers. Hence, good web design and intuitive development are crucial in creating the ideal website. Here’s why they matter:


✓ Better site navigation. When the web design is clear and functional but still visually pleasing, users won’t have a hard time navigating through where they need to go.

✓ Enhanced user experience. The main purpose of intuitive web development is to push users into engaging with the website without any disruption for a smooth user experience.

✓ Lower bounce rates. With a website that looks excellent and functions properly, visitors are less likely to leave, but explore instead.

✓ Great first impression. Beautiful web design combined with outstanding user experience leaves a great first impression on any visitor.

Industries We Serve

At Small Biz Makeover, we serve several industries that benefit from our web design and development services including:


With effective web design and development, contractors can market their business online through portfolios and give prospective clients new ways to get in touch.


People tend to look online when they need medical practitioners like dentists. Set up your website and don’t let potential customers slip through your fingers.


In an industry as saturated as law, it’s best to distinguish yourself from the competition and establish your expertise with your own website.


Create content that resonates with people and helps build a foundation of trust between you and a client with our smart web design and development service for psychologists.

Our Services

Small Biz Makeover offers both web design and development services for different content management systems, such as WordPress and Squarespace.

Website Design

Make your website visually appealing and easily navigable with our website design services. We work with CMSs that offer thousands of themes, plugins, and templates. Let us create a website exactly like how you envisioned it.

Website Development

Make your website functional and accessible for everyone with our website development services. We can install all the plugins you need, from e-commerce to sign up forms, depending on the purpose of your website.

Various Content
Management Systems

We work with various content management systems, including WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace, giving you plenty of options.

E-Commerce Web

Make your customers’ online shopping experience a great one with our e-commerce web development solutions.

Responsive Web Design
and Development

Create a stunning and accessible website that everyone can visit with our responsive web design and development services.

Web Redesign

Give your old website a makeover and attract new potential customers with our website redesign services

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We’re NOT going to try and up-sell you by recommending features you don’t need. We want nothing but the best for your business. Your success is our success. We want, and expect, you to get a positive return on your investment. This approach has led us on the continuous path of growing our customer base across the Garden State by offering reliable custom and responsive web development services.

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