Webpage Development For Englewood Cliffs, NJ Pet Salon

original pet salon site
BEFORE – view their original site

This Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey pet groomer needed a webpage developed to highlight their unique animal offerings.

nj pet salon webpage redesign
AFTER – View Their New Site

A large photo gallery on the homepage helps to visually convey their services and their friendly atmosphere.

The homepage also features a keyword friendly introductory paragraph, to help boost her search engine rank. Also a a series of static photos highlight the most commonly requested services. These photos help customers quickly, and easily find the services relevant to their own needs.

A prominent quote from a satisfied customer instills a sense of trust and reliability, which is quickly followed-up by a call-to-action, in the form of a contact box. The placement of the contact box encourages immediate inquiries.
The footer contains other information that’s pertinent to visitors, such as the physical address and a map insert to mark their location.

“You did a great job! It looks good from a P.C. or from a smartphone. And I can see where I’ve got better positioning now in Google. My listing is higher!”

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