Website Redesign For Attorney In Washington DC

Original website design attorney in Washington DC Attorney
BEFORE - see original website design

While this Washington DC attorney’s original website had a great deal of search-engine-friendly content (which is great!), it was very much lacking in two key areas: organization and calls to action.

New Website Design For Washington DC Lawyer
AFTER - see new website

If you provide a lot of different services, you need to ORGANIZE them into parent categories. Think of it like a table of contents. You first look for the parent topic category, then break things out into child categories. It makes it a lot easier for a visitor to find the info they’re looking for rather then have to wade through a huge list at the get-go. That’s why this new website design bundles the 50+ different types of cases that this attorney handles in 10 parent categories. Visitors now know immediately where to go to find the relevant topic.

CALLS TO ACTION are also critical components of an effective website. A call to action can be a button, link, text or image that really stands out and encourages a visitor to click on it and take whatever action you want them to take. So in this case, we put strong calls to action at the bottom of each service page which encourages visitors to contact the offices and request a free estimate.

And now OUR call to action… contact us today to discuss how to improve your website and get more customers calling.