Plumber Website Re-design In Washington DC

Original washington DC plumber website design
BEFORE - see how their original site looked

This Washington DC contractor hired us to re-design their website. Basically it needed an overhaul. From the top down…

Website design for Washington DC Plumber
AFTER - check out their new website!
  • The logo needed to be shrunk significantly. The first five or six inches of the pages are highly valuable real estate where you should be communicating what services your business offers and serve up an introduction. It should NOT be taken up entirely by a logo.
  • Prominent CALL-TO-ACTION buttons (“Request A FREE Estimate”) were added in multiple places to encourage visitors to proceed to the desired next step.
  • A rotating image gallery was added that shows off their finest Design and Remodeling projects.
  • The best testimonials were made prominent. When a potential client is researching contractors, they’re going to hire the one that has a great track record with their clients. Hence the importance of making testimonials prominent.

There’s plenty more but that’s the gist of it.

If you’re sick of having a low conversion and ready to do the things necessary to get a higher percentage of your visitors to actually pick up the phone and hire you, then contact our website design experts TODAY.