Northern VA HVAC Contractor Website Redesign

The original webpage design for this Northern VA HVAC Contractor
BEFORE – view the original site

The original version of this Northern Virginia HVAC contractor’s webpage looked too amateur. The color scheme was jarring, and important company information was lost in the small print. Whenever a potential customer visits your website, your company has to make a great first impression. Potential customers have short attention spans and if your site doesn’t look professional, you will lose out on their business.

Northern VA HVAC Contractor New Webpage Design
AFTER – view their new webpage design

When we redesigned the website, we made sure to choose a single color scheme and build the rest of the webpage around that. Instead of the amateurish feel, the website now has testimonials and credentials that point to the company’s expertise. Potential customers feel that testimonials validate the business and their quality of service. We also added a YouTube video tips section where the company further validates their expertise.

“the website looks great. everybody loves it. we’re very happy.”

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