New Website Design for Virginia Contractor

repair contractor website design
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This Virginia contractor, company had an unusual, but very helpful pipe repair service. And they needed a web site that could explain why their service should be utilized and preferred over other options. So front and center, we inserted visual examples that immediately tell the story.

Then we placed a straightforward list of competitive advantages that convey to a visitor that their lives will not be turned upside down if they hired this company.

The home page also lets the reader know the company works with homeowners and professionals so whichever party the visitor is, they can immediately know where to go to read more information that pertains specifically to them.

Furthermore, the company is affiliated with “sister sites.” This is one more demonstration of stability and professionalism, and may attract business to the other concerns, which are owned by the same entity. A call to action invites viewers to a free estimate, and the phone number is offered for more personal attention.

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