HVAC Contractor Website Design in Virginia Beach

This was their original website design
BEFORE – view the original site

The original website for this Virginia Beach HVAC contractor was too repetitive. It mentioned low price and satisfaction guarantees in a plethora of places on the site’s homepage. While this information is important, the attention span of your visitors is short and you don’t get that much time to impress them. You want to present a professional design that highlights these offers, but still places your products and services front and center.

HVAC Contractor Website Design in Virginia Beach
AFTER – view his new webpage design

When we redesigned the website, we prominently place the company’s services and also created a more professional banner that helped to make their logo stand out. We put a bold “Request A Free Estimate” call-to-action button on the main page in order to catch the interest of potential customers and encourage them to make that inquiry. Having a prominent call to action is important because it’s the bridge that allows customers who are on the fence to take that step into making a connection with your company.

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