Virginia Attorney Website Redesign

This was the original website design
BEFORE – view their original site

This Virginia attorney’s original website design didn’t make good use of the space. And it just appeared antiquated on the whole. If someone is considering hiring you as their attorney, that prospect wants to see a modern, inviting, content rich site. If your site doesn’t give the visitor a good impression, they’ll quickly search for another attorney whose website does.

The redesigned website for these Virginia attorneys
AFTER – view their redesigned website

So when we redesigned this website, we made sure to make much better use of space. We also use appropriate HTML elements like H1s and H2s to make the appropriate keywords (like locations they serve) more search-engine-friendly. We built a prominent contact form to encourage visitors to reach out to the company. And thanks to the WordPress content-management system we installed, these attorneys can now write blog articles on topics related to their practice areas.

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