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Video Marketing Services

Did you know YouTube is the second most popular search engine behind Google? Maybe you didn’t know that, but we bet you DID know that videos are a lot more entertaining than just a page that’s chocked full of text. Humans retain a lot more information from what they see than what they read.

If your webpage design doesn’t contain a compelling video that details your service or product offerings, then you’re missing out on a modern and effective marketing technique that more and more of your competitors are embracing. One that would make your site more search-engine-optimized too!

And just committing to getting a video produced is half the battle. You also need to plan an effective script, the right spokesperson, and the proper post-upload meta data, captions, descriptions, etcetera…

The good news is we’re experienced in providing video marketing services for small businesses in New Jersey and beyond. From ‘explainer’ videos like the one above, to whiteboard and promos like the ones below.

So if you’re ready to get with the program and have an effective web video produced, contact our New Jersey office today and ask for a free quote.