Website Redesign for VA Defense Attorney

Original VA Defense Lawyer Website
BEFORE – checkout their original site

This Northern Virginia law firm’s original website had some organizational issues that kept it from reaching its full potential. There was the misplacement of social network icons, a dark and uninviting color theme, the company slogan and contact information were visible but didn’t stand out enough to make visitors act on them, and other stuff too.

New Virginia Lawyer Website Design
AFTER – checkout their new website

In our redesign of this website, we made sure that the color scheme and layout was clean and inviting. We organized the site with more structure and placed the appropriate information in a layout that allowed the entire website to flow together. We added the company’s Youtube video, which makes the homepage more interactive for visitors, and helps search engine optimize the site too! We also made the company slogan and contact information more prominent on the to encourage visitors to request a consultation.

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