Website Redesign For U-Stream Business

The original U Stream site
BEFORE - view original website design

With the advent of U-Stream and other live-internet-broadcasting services, there’s lots of people out there offering live internet video feeds. The billiards community, in particular, features a number of websites that provide live streaming tournament coverage.

Video Website Re-design
AFTER - view new website design

To stand out from the crowd, this U-Streamer asked that we take his rather plain original website design and add some pizazz. Oh, and also we gave him the ability to update the website himself (thanks to WordPress) so he can tell visitors when new live streams are planned and upload some great archived footage. There’s more! We also gave the site a brand new logo design that fits in well with the theme. And we added a Facebook feed, a mailing list signup form, and a scrolling gallery for sponsors.

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