Transform your Website with TypeWonder


TypeWonder is a fun site that allows you to view your webpage in various font styles, without the need to reprogram everything to see what it will look like. Marketers have shown that the visual impact of your font can either attract, or annoy potential customers. Maybe you feel your web page is boring, or needs a little lift. TypeWonder will display your site with the revised font so you can determine if the change is worth the effort. Then they provide you with the codes you will need for HTML and CSS. They also allow you some control over the style and characters, but it is rather basic.

When you visit TypeWonder you simply type in your URL, then select one of the many fonts available and press go. Voila! Your site is presented with the new font. Amazing, isn’t it? What used to take hours is now accomplished with the click of a mouse.

When considering the correct font, keep the tone you want to set for your business. For example, formal fonts would best suit a professional, such as a lawyer. It gives the message of strength and stability. However, a flower shop may want to use something more whimsical to attract their customers. When in doubt, TypeWonder gives you the flexibility to try different styles until you find the right one for you.

TypeWonder is also available as a Chrome extension through the chrome store. Firefox and Safari versions are due soon.