Preparing to Target your White Gold

snow preparation
Will your online marketing be ready in advance of your ‘white gold’?

If you’re in the Northeastern U.S., you’re probably staring out of your window at a bunch of white gold! White gold for towing companies, plowing companies, hardware stores selling snow blowers, ski resorts, etc…

But the opportunity is wasted, and the moment is passed, if your online marketing isn’t prepped IN ADVANCE – whether by setting up a Facebook Ad Campaign or Google AdWords, or just making sure your website is search-engine-optimized.

Another weather-related example… roofing contractors targeting homeowners after a hurricane. Or a restaurant/bar with outdoor seating that targets residents on the first nice day of spring.

But what about non-weather related examples?

The white gold concept applies to almost any industry. Did you know the busiest day of the year for plumbing companies is the day after Thanksgiving. Frightening thought but it makes sense. Regardless, plumbers should strive to get their websites atop the competition in advance of Thanksgiving. A little investment, in advance, can go a very long way when your opportunity is on the horizon.

Other industry examples: limo companies targeting high schoolers at the start of prom season. Or physical therapists targeting hardcore tennis players towards the end of summer (think tennis elbow).


Whatever your industry is, you need to get your web presence and online marketing in order BEFORE your golden opportunity arrives. Your competitors are prepping their sites in advance too. And if you try and do it last minute, it may be too late to catch up.

Our search-engine-optimization packages can help boost your site’s rank BEFORE the frenzy starts. Or if your site is already ranking well, but you want that extra push, Google AdWords or Facebook ads may be right for you. There’s plenty of options. Contact us to discuss which one may be best for you to take advantage of your white gold opportunity.