Stock Photo Overuse Sends Mixed Signals

stock photo

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes less is more. When you design your website, it’s natural to want to include pictures that help make your company look more big-time. You should strive to show visitors the faces of the people they’ll interact with. Visitors want to be reassured that you seem trustworthy, before forking over their hard-earned money. Ideally you should use pictures of yourself and your staff. But in the event you don’t have, or don’t want to share them, stock photos can be a good substitute. But don’t overdo it!


There’s nothing wrong with an occasional stock photo to demonstrate a concept or dynamic, but in general, too many stock photos send the wrong message. Your website visitors may get the impression that you cannot, or will not, display your real facility and staff.

Let’s be honest, with all the stock photos in this post, do they really make you think we’ve got a large staff, who all happen to be incredibly photogenic, on our hands? You know better.

more stock photos

First impressions cannot be undone. Eye-catching and inviting photos of your actual business are always the best way to achieve a good first impression. But when you don’t have good photos of your own, use those stock photos sparingly!