SEO Solicitation E-mails… BEWARE!

seo solicitation email

Don’t fall victim to the latest SPAM… an onslaught of e-mails from self-proclaimed Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) experts who insist that they can boost your website rank from wherever the heck your site currently ranks to the top of a Google search.

If you look more closely you’ll notice that these shysters give zero specifics about your site in particular. That’s because these are just cookie cutter template e-mails that they send to anybody that owns a website. They haven’t actually had a human being look at your site and do an analysis of where your site currently ranks.

They just propose that they can make your site rank on at the top of the search engines. But how would they know if they don’t know what search terms you want to compete for? For instance, our company wants to be listed near or at the top for the search term “Hoboken Website Designers”. Actually, we already are up there! So why in the world would we be getting tons of solicitations to improve our rank? Again, it’s because they’ve never looked at our site. They’re just spamming all small business owners in the hopes that they’ll wrassle up some naive business owners.

On a final note, be skeptical of anyone who GUARANTEES they can get you on page one of Google. Nobody can guarantee that. The search engines are always changing the criteria that they use to rank sites. Plus, you can’t control what changes your competitors are making to their sites that could push them ahead of you.

Consider yourself warned! Have questions about this stuff? Give us a ring.