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Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses in New Jersey

Your website is one of your best online marketing tools. Apart from establishing your online presence and your brand’s credibility, websites are the perfect lead generators. Through your website you can attract people looking for your product or service and convert them into paying customers. But simply having a website isn’t enough. It must be optimized for search so its content matches a potential customer’s query and appears in the results page of the search engine.

Still a bit confused? Here’s a rundown of the importance of SEO services for small businesses:


    ✓ SEO raises your search rankings. When your website is optimized, search engines reward you with higher rankings, which means greater visibility to potential customers.

    ✓ SEO directs organic traffic to your website. The higher your ranking is, the more likely a potential customer clicks on your page. 30% of clicks go to the top results in a SERP.

    ✓ SEO increases conversions. Once a potential customer finds and visits your optimized website, they are one step further toward conversion.

    ✓ SEO provides better user experience. When your website is optimized, users can find the information they want quickly, leading to a positive user experience.

With the help of our small business SEO services in NJ, you can reap all these benefits for your website and more.


Search engines are websites that help you find information (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc). When a person searches for something online, the results pages show the most relevant answers to their queries. The top spot gets most of the clicks because search engines’ algorithms for ranking the results puts the most precise answer first. But if you optimize your website for search, the top spot for certain queries is within reach.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the efforts you make to improve your site’s Google rank. When your website is optimized for search, its content answers users’ queries and appears in SERPs. This gives your website higher rankings that can lead to more conversions. These are what we aim to provide for small businesses with our SEO services in NJ.


There are many different SEO exercises that can be done to improve your Google rank. And the more different types of exercises you do, the better. Here’s a list of the most critical SEO exercises our New Jersey team of small business SEO consultants:

Responsive Web Design

Your website should look and perform well no matter what device it’s accessed from if you don’t want users to click back out. Its contents must shrink, enlarge, rotate based on the screen it’s viewed on. This is called responsive web design.

SSL Implementation

An SSL certificate is an indication that your website is secure, putting customers at ease if they have to fill in their details. It helps boost your rankings because Google rewards sites with SSL certification with higher rankings than those without.

Coding Optimization

Meta titles and meta descriptions are the text you see from different websites that appear on SERPs. They summarize what each result contains, so they must be optimized. Apart from these, ALT tags and CSS style sheets are parts of a website that need optimization.

Video Production

Videos are the future of the internet. Plenty of internet users would rather watch a video than read a long text. So if you want to explain or convey something, a compelling video might do wonders for your website and its SERP ranking.

Content Creation

Original, informative, and optimized online content help establish you as an expert on a specific subject. If people click on, read, and engage with your content, Google and other search engines see these as good signs and reward you with higher rankings.

Social Media Activity

Social media profiles for your business support your website in establishing your online presence. A Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn profile makes it easier for your current and potential customers to connect with you.

Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO refers to placing content outside of your website to boost its rank. This involves link building, content submission, and directory submission, all of which help generate backlinks to your website from quality sources.


“You did a great job!… I can see where I’ve got better positioning now in Google. My listing is higher!” – Debra J.

“I do some testing on Google searches myself and many times we pop up on the first page. thanks.” – Henry M.

“We’ve been getting a lot of traffic from the site as we are more and more relying on it. It seems to be doing well.” – George N.


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Are you keeping pace with your competition?

SEO is an on-going battle. It’s not something you can set-and-forget. Many of your competitors are investing in SEO and digital marketing efforts for their sites because they understand the importance of a obtaining, and retaining, better Google positioning. There’s gold at the end of the rainbow. The problem is it’s not easy getting there and we all need some assistance. There’s just not enough time in the day for any business owner to try and do this stuff themselves.

Let’s discuss how we can get your website to the rise up the ranks. Contact our NJ offices today for a free quote: call 201-253-6734 or email us.