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Your prospects rarely look past the first few Google results.

Businesses whose websites are listed in the first few spots in the Google search results will get most of the clicks. So that’s exactly where YOUR SITE needs to appear! Your competitors know this too. So you’re competing with them to acquire these top positions. We can help you get there.

Search engines are websites that help you find information (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…). For the purposes of this discussion, let’s just use Google as the default search-engine since it’s bar far the most popular. Search Engine Optimization (a.k.a SEO) refers to the efforts you make to improve your site’s Google rank.

There are many different SEO exercises that can be done to improve your Google rank. And the more different types of exercises you do, the better. Here’s a list of the most critical SEO exercises our Hoboken, NJ team of experts can help you with:

  1. Responsive Web Design

    responsive webpage

    Responsive website design makes your site look great on not just a desktop monitor, but also on smartphones and tablets. As the browser width shrinks, everything becomes vertically streamlined. Basically the website ‘responds’ as the browser window gets smaller. For example, while viewing this very website (assuming you’re on a desktop computer), grab the right side of the browser window and shrink its width. Or if you’re on a phone or tablet, rotate the device 90 degrees. In both cases, you’ll see that all the pieces become vertically oriented. To make a long story short, it makes your site easier to read and navigate on smaller devices. Therefore Google likes it (a lot).

  2. SSL Implementation

    https in address bar

    Notice how all websites have http or https at the beginning of their address when you visit them? Well httpS sites are more secure than regular http sites. For this to happen, a security product called an ‘SSL certificate’ needs to be purchased from your hosting provider and applied to your site. And so, since Google wants to send it’s users to websites that are more safe as opposed to those that are less safe, they’re now favoring the more secure httpS sites. It’s a simple, quick and inexpensive change to implement. Here’s a related article you should read to get even more learn-ed on the subject of HTTPS security.

  3. Coding Optimization

    Meta titles and meta descriptions are summaries of what’s contained in a specific page within your website. Think of it as a book’s Table of Contents. The Meta Title is the name of that chapter and the Meta Description is a brief synopsis of that chapter. And these two items appear in the Google search results. Also, ALT Tags are picture descriptions that should be added to the programming code behind each image. It’s also really important to make use of external CSS stylesheets so your site loads faster than it would otherwise.

  4. Video Production

    If your website doesn’t contain a compelling video about your products or services, then you’re missing out on a modern and effective marketing technique that more and more of your competitors are embracing. One that will help make your site more Google friendly too! Why? Because Google knows that website visitors would prefer a mixed bag of content (text, pictures and video). Plus, if your visitors are watching a video on your site, they’re probably spending even more time on your site. Increased ‘time-on-site’ statistics help further boost your Google rank.

  5. Content Creation

    typing at keyboard

    The more original content your site has that’s relevant to your specific services, the more Google-friendly it becomes. Why? Because Google wants to send people searching a specific service to a website that truly conveys the owner is an expert in that service. For example, let’s say you need a local New Jersey dentist for your kid so you Google “pediatric dentist”. Google is more likely to list websites that have service pages dedicated to the topic of pediatric dentistry. And less likely to list websites that only mention it, once and off-the-cuff, in a bulleted list of services.

    The same premise applies to adding regular blog articles. They too help to convey to Google that you’re an expert in the topic the article relates to. Plus, Google favors websites that provide fresh content for their visitors.

  6. Social Media Activity

    facebook friend requests

    Google prefers websites that have active social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…) that engage with their followers. Because by doing so, you convey to Google that your business makes a greater effort to engage with, and form a relationship with your customers versus a business that declines to make such efforts.

  7. Off-Site SEO

    Last, but definitely not least, is off-site SEO. As the name implies, this involves placing content outside of your website to boost your website’s rank. For example “link building”, which is the process of generating links from quality websites back to your website. Or “directory submissions” which involves submitting your company’s information to a whole host of different business directories. Or “content submission” where helpful articles are submitted, on your behalf, as blog posts on relevant high-traffic websites.

  8. Admittedly we had not done much off-site SEO ourselves until November of 2016. The results have been remarkable. Over the course of the next 3 months, we climbed much higher in the Google ranks for some very important search phrases.

off site seo results
Not too shabby!


“You did a great job!… I can see where I’ve got better positioning now in Google. My listing is higher!” – Debra J.

“I do some testing on Google searches myself and many times we pop up on the first page. thanks.” – Henry M.

“We’ve been getting a lot of traffic from the site as we are more and more relying on it. It seems to be doing well.” – George N.


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Are you keeping pace with your competition?

SEO is an on-going battle. It’s not something you can set-and-forget. Many of your competitors are investing in SEO and digital marketing efforts for their sites because they understand the importance of a obtaining, and retaining, better Google positioning. There’s gold at the end of the rainbow. The problem is it’s not easy getting there and we all need some assistance. There’s just not enough time in the day for any business owner to try and do this stuff themselves.

Let’s discuss how we can get your website to the rise up the ranks. Contact our Hoboken, NJ offices today for a free quote: call 201-253-6734 or email us.