Reviews of Small Biz Makeover Website Designers of New Jersey

happy customer
“We acquired a couple new clients right off the bat. My only complaint is that we didn’t have you build the new site sooner!”– Dr. B. (Owner,
“We HAVE been getting a ton of new business from the website. So thanks for doing such a great job.”– Michelle M. (Owner,
“I already got two clients who found me thanks to the new website!” [This was less than one month after the website launch.]– Bill F. (Owner,
“I’ve got a lot of positive feedback and comments and we’re so busy and a lot of people are finding us because of the website. So I feel like the investment we made in your services was a good decision.”– Dan F. (Owner,
“You did a great job! It looks good from a P.C. or from a smartphone. And I can see where I’ve got better positioning now in Google. My listing is higher!”– Debra J. (Owner,
“I’m a firm believer in you. The site has been wonderful and has worked to bring in new customers.”– Carl E. (Owner,
“Since we launched the website a year ago, we’ve gotten a lot of responses from customers that found us on the web. We obtained many new customers due to the website. The site has DEFINITELY been helpful to our business”– Erica (Manager,
“You guys have been great and I appreciate the quick responses when I reach out. This has really been a great experience and we are very happy we had you do this. Well worth it!”– Tim (Manager,
“The past 10 years I have run a coupon for $10 in the phone book for first time renters. Last year I had one customer bring one in. The same statistic goes for the year before. (Thanks to the new website) This past weekend I had 7 people use the coupon and currently there are several future reservations where the coupon is also going to be used. I am very pleased. Thank you.”– Edie (Owner,
“I do some testing on Google searches myself and many times we pop up on the first page. thanks [to the new website]”– Henry M. (Owner,
“We are definitely happy with the new site. It’s made it much easier to book appointments and customers seem to enjoy it and they are using it frequently.”– Tim O. (Co-Owner,
“Oh my god! Those logos are spectacular!!!!!! You’re gifted :)”– Keri (Owner,
“I am going to miss our email exchanges when this is done. Just wanted you to know that we got some great feedback from our clients on the site.”– Justine (Owner,
“I can’t even tell you how much better the site looks now. And it’s just in time. I’m working with this big company and they like to check the sites of the companies they deal with and now that I have a professional looking website I’m not worried and can probably work with more big companies like them.”– Robert (Owner,
“It’s up! It’s up! It looks so great! Thank you! Thanks for the tutorial too. Seems very easy to manage. I’m so excited!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! If I know of anyone in need of a site, I’ll definitely refer you 🙂 “– Sonja H. (Owner,
“Everything looks great – we can’t wait to show our patients the new website”– A.D. (Marketing Manager,
“Thank you for your patience. Trust me, I’m recommending you to anyone and everyone we know.”– Saad S. (Owner,
“Thank you again for going through all that with me in the past year to get this to where it is now. You assistance and support was nothing short of excellent.”– Mike C. (Owner,
“Site looks great! You did great work!… Thanks, again, Jake, for your great work… I appreciate it!”– Steve (Owner,
“Thank you again for all your hard work, advice, and an awesome job. It is deeply appreciated.”– Pat G. (Owner,
“You have done a great job for me from day 1. I have recommended you to others and will continue to do so.”– Mark A. (Owner,
“The (new) website is beautiful! Thank you! We’re very happy with it…like to recommend you and your company to others.”– Sandra L. (Staff,
“The site looks great, thanks so much for your good work and for getting it done so quickly.”– Nancy R. (Owner,
“We still get many great comments about our site and how many people love the way it’s put together and how easy it is to navigate.”– Ted D. (Owner,
“Thanks for your very constructive and apt feedback. BTW – site looks great! Thanks for all your good work on this.”– Mark H. (Owner,
“It is really looking good! The people I have had access the website LOVE it… I am happy.”
ONE YEAR LATER: “I actually got three clients already just because of the website you built. They found me online and called me and hired me. “– Sean B. (Owner,
“You’re great to work with and I’ll surely recommend you to anyone I meet who needs a web designer.”– Lynn S. (Owner,
“We have been getting a lot of traffic from the site as we are more and more relying on it and it seems to be doing well.”– George N. (Project Manager,
“I hired Jake in 2010 as my website designer. Never having a site before, he listened attentively to what my needs were. Skillfully with his expert knowledge put it all together. I found him to be trustworthy, consistent with follow up and most important reliable. Will I hire Jake again? OF COURSE! “– Viv C. (Owner,
“I think you did a great job with the website. I really appreciate your hard work, and your feedback and guidance. I promise to send you some business if I ever hear of anyone looking for a new, or rebuilt, website. I love mine!”– Steve W. (Owner,
Your portfolio demonstrates your versatility when it comes to web design…You can really do it all. I would have no problem recommending your services to my small business clients”– Phillip R. (Financial Services Agent who surfed our site)
“We are SO excited for the new site… Your diligence and responsiveness have been instrumental for us, and a rarity for us to find!.”– Michelle M. (Owner,
“Nice job… clean and crisp easy to navigate for everyone, it is a pleasure to work with you.”– Brigitte N. (President,
“I was impressed by the web site design.”– Jeff C. (Owner,
“It looks a hundred times better than it did before. Customers feel a lot safer buying stuff on my site.”– Gil C. (Owner,
“Thanks for making the changes. Job well done with the site, thank you very much!”– Brian D. (Partner,
“We appreciate your patience with us throughout the process…I will be sure to refer you to anyone I know that needs a webpage as you do a great job.”– George N. (Project Manager,
“I think it’s a fabulous improvement!”– Jon S. (Owner,
“Thank you for your patience and for making my website so inviting and colorful.”– Tina P. (Owner,
“Thanks, Jake, all looks great! Good job!”– Rob G. (Owner,
“The site looks excellent, we really appreciate all the work you have done for us, thanks again.”– Eden L. (Bandmate,
“The site looks terrific. You did a great job anticipating what we would want on it. And got it done so fast. It was well worth it. Thanks!”– Anthony S. (Owner, Filippos Pizzeria)
“We’re getting great feedback on the website. Thank you again for all you did. I’m sure I will be using your services again as we update, make changes to the site.”– Ted D. (Owner,
“This looks much better than we ever imagined…nicely done!”– Keven E. (Director of Operations,
“I needed the updates pretty badly and a new look…Thanks.”– Mark A. (Owner,
“You provided my business with an interactive website which streamlined our on-line sales; reducing processing time and increasing revenue. Thanks!”– Dave C. (Owner,
“Thanks SO much!!! That’s awesome, and wow you are fast!!!”– Renee L. (Stakeholder,
“The mock up looks fantastic. You laid it out great and prioritized whats important…Great work”– Chris F. (Marketing Manager, Copia Restaurant)
“Thank you so so much! I cannot being to thank you for your time and all your advice”– Paula (Prospective Client)
“Everyone who has seen the new website is impressed with it.”– Roy T. (Owner,