Review of Constant Contact E-mail Marketing Services

Review of Constant Contact E-mail MarketingConstant Contact is a leading email marketing service provider. They make it easy to manage your e-mail list and to create more professional designs in your e-mails than you can with regular service providers like Outlook or G-mail.

You may not realize it but a surprisingly large percentage of the bulk messages you send out, without using an established email marketing service, never make it to the intended recipients inbox because the internet service provider (ISP) interprets these mass mailings as SPAM. But the ISPs don’t consider Constant Contact and other service providers generated e-mails as SPAM so a much larger percentage of your e-mails will actually get through to the people on your list.

Constant Contact and the other email marketers also provide you with cool features like ‘open rate’ statistics and automated opt-out features.

Do you have to pay a little for these services? Yes. But is is worth it to ensure that your e-mails actually make it through to their intended targets? Yes. Their rate structures are typically based on the quantity of e-mails in your list.

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