Practice Regular Blogging


In the immortal words of NBA great Allen Iverson, “we talkin’ about practice.”

For a long long time now I’ve been harassing all my clients, and anyone in general that I discuss search-engine-optimization (SEO) with, that they need to provide as much keyword friendly content as possible on their website. Content is king!!!! Don’t just take my word for it. Do a Google search for “content is king” and you’ll find thousands of other website designers harping on this same topic. That’s how much that term “content is king” has been beaten to death and branded as the number one factor that impacts your website’s search-engine-rank. Basically, it’s not bullshit. You should take this concept seriously!!!

So it’s time I practice what I preach and that’s why you’re reading this, the first SBM Website Design blog posting. I’m really excited to share with you all the cool things you can and should do to improve your website, make it search-engine-friendly, make it professional, make it all-in-all kick ass!

And the great thing about adding a blog to YOUR website is that not only does it help you gain those highly coveted search engine brownie points, but it also conveys to your website visitors that you know what they heck you’re talking about! That’s only going to help convince them that they should be doing business with you, rather than your competitor who has little more than their business card information on their site.

Yada yada yada, I hope the website design articles I write here will help you learn much about how improve your site. And if I’m lucky, maybe I’ll get a bump in the search-engine-ranking of this site too! 😉

– Jake