Website Re-Design for Pennsylvania Recruiters

Original website design for this PA recruiter
BEFORE - click to view original website design

This Pennsylvania property management recruiting firm asked us to revamp their website design and make it more reflective of the quality of this company’s business-to-business services: professional, well organized, efficient.

New Website
AFTER - see their new website

One of the biggest improvements we made was making the site more practical to surf. Candidates don’t need to read through all the material about Recruiters and vice-versa so we added prominent and distinct sections on the homepage for both parties so they know immediately where to go to read more about the topics that are relevant to them. Another cool feature we installed was a Resume Uploader for job candidates, thus streamlining the application process. And we included strong calls-to-action and prominent contact information to make it easy to get in touch.

Additionally, we built the site using WordPress so that this company would have any easy-to-use content management system at their fingertips in case they wanted to change some of the text of the site on the fly.

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