Redesigned Webpage For Pennsylvania Attorney

Original Pennsylvania Attorney Website
BEFORE - click to see original website design

The original webpage designer for Pennsylvania attorney had used some simple clip-art images and paneled them vertically down the page. Though this technique may have been clever years ago, when the site first launched and the internet was in its infancy, frankly this trick looks pretty outdated nowadays. Plus the color scheme was seriously lacking in any consistency.

PA Attorney Website Re-Design
AFTER - click to see the post-makeover website

The law firm reached out to us to build them a more professional and aesthetically appealing webpage. And in the course of the redesign, the firm realized a lot of information within the site was outdated. So it’s always a good thing to take a fresh look at your website and make sure that both the look, and the content, are all up-to-date.

"I needed the updates pretty badly and a new look…Thanks."

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