Website Redesign For NYC Lighting Designer

Original NYC Theater Website Design
BEFORE - see original website

This New York City theatrical designer’s website needed a major overhaul. They were experiencing a very poor CONVERSION RATE (how many people visit the website vs. how many people actually contact them to do business).

Website design for NYC Lighting and Sound Technician
AFTER - see the new website

The first glaring issue was the design. The color scheme had no consistency. The pictures were all cropped in a bizarre fashion. The top navigation bar was all out of whack. And the logo… well… “OY” is what immediately comes to mind. You can see for yourself in the “BEFORE” screenshot.

The other glaring issue with the website design was the organization. They did not clearly convey what services they offered on the homepage. If visitors don’t know what you do in under 5 seconds, chances are they’re going to say “forget this” and leave your site out of frustration.

So we did an EXTREME WEBSITE MAKEOVER and give ’em a brand spanking new site that should boost their conversion rate. It contains the latest amenities (i.e. a slideshow image gallery on the homepage, stronger CALLS TO ACTION, a WordPress backend so they can regularly add new projects and blog, a fancy Contact Us form).

Ready to boost your CONVERSION RATE? Contact us and let’s discuss how to go about it.