Website Overhaul For New Jersey Vacuum Retailer

When your website is pitching a MODERN built-in vacuum system (or any product for that matter), it’s pretty important that your site gives off a sense of modernity… right? Right. That’s why this company in Wyckoff, New Jersey asked us to overhaul their website and give it an up-to-date look to better convey the unique and unconventional, but highly practical and cleaner, greener, meaner cleaning systems they sell.

Also, since the site was built sooooo many years ago, it was lacking responsive design features that are so important nowadays to ensure it’s easy to read on mobile and tablet devices.

Beforevacuum retailer website before redesign
Aftervacuum retailer website redesign

And as usual, when website design is upgraded, there are ancillary benefits that come along with that like Google sending more prospective customers to your website. Just look at this jump in website visitors pre and post-makeover!

New Jersey Vacuum Retailer stat

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