Website Design For New Jersey Home Art Class

New Jersey Home Art School Website Design
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This home study art program wanted to start a Facebook advertising campaign to advertise to new prospects. Facebook’s ad platform is excellent for targeting specific demographics. But the objective of an ad is to entice your target clientele to click on a link that would bring them to a website that would convey more information about your business. So… you need a website for them to link to! Obviously you need a website in general so people can find you on the web via regular means (i.e. search engines). But you can’t run Facebook ads without a website to act as a destination.

So this New Jersey chapter of “Home Study Art School” hired us design them a beautiful website that’s well organized, professional, and easy to use. We installed WordPress to act as the content-management-system so the business owners can add and remove whatever content they want on the site themselves, without having to wait for a third party to do it for them.

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