New Jersey Electrical Contractor Website Redesign

Original Jersey Electrician Contractor Website
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Electrical contractors are a dime a dozen. One can easily type “electrical contractor, whatever town USA” into Google and find all the local electricians. With so many competing for the top search result spots, businesses MUST make sure they have a site that is as search-engine-friendly as possibly, and as professional as possible. If prospective customers either think your site is poorly organized, or your site doesn’t even appear at the top of the Google search, you’re going to lose that prospect to one of your competitors.

New website design for New Jersey Electrical Contractor
AFTER - click to view new website design

This electrical contractor of Lyndhurst, NJ knew their original website suffered from poor design and poor search-engine rank so they made right decision when they asked Small Biz Makeover to give it a good ol’ revamp.

With a better well-organized, professional looking, and search-engine-friendly website design, IES is in a much better position to grab a lot more prospective clients.

"I can’t event tell you how much better the site looks now. And it’s just in time. I’m working with this big company and they like to check the sites of the companies they deal with and now that I have a professional looking website I’m not worried and can probably work with more big companies like them."

Now imagine what a professional, and search-engine-friendly website can do to generate more new customers for your contracting business. CONTACT US today and let’s discuss.