New Website Design for New York Farm

ny farm website
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This New York Farm needed us to design them a website that reflected the family owned business in a professional and polished format, while maintaining their down-home roots.

On the homepage, a large rotating photo gallery portrays the multi-generational stability of the business, and projects a wholesome quality.

Teaser photos and links give visitors an immediate idea of what services the business offers.

A prominent contact form entices potential customers to reach out to the business.

Also, the website displays logos for various business associations the this farm are members of. These associations help convey credibility to potential customers, in a subtle yet powerful way.

The ‘responsive’ behind-the-scenes programming makes the site look great on any sized device, whether its a computer monitor, or a tablet or smartphone.

And the WordPress content management software allows the farm owners to easily update and change the content of the site from one season to the next without the need to hire a website designer every time they want to make a change in offerings.

“Since we launched the website a year ago, we’ve gotten a lot of responses from customers that found us on the web. We obtained many new customers due to the website. The site has DEFINITELY been helpful to our business!”

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