Website Redesign for New York City Barber

Original Hair Salon Website Design
BEFORE - click to see the original website design

Nobody uses the phone book anymore to find a barbershop, or any small business service for that matter. They do a Google search for a place in their home neighborhood or near their office. Therefore it’s very important that a salon’s website include location specific keywords throughout the different pages of their website.

Manhattan Salon Barber Website Design
AFTER - click to see the new website design

As part of this website redesign project, we peppered the website with locality specific terms that customers are likely to search for (i.e. Manhattan, Park Avenue, New York City, 56th Street). The business owners report that the site is ranking very well in applicable search terms and they’re seeing more business thanks to it!

Additionally, we added a Testimonials page. There’s nothing like a few good testimonials to help close a sale. Just think, if you were a customer who needed a haircut and you did a Google search and found two barbers in your area that you were considering going to. Barber ABC’s website had a page full of testimonials raving about how great a job the barber did. And Barber XYZ had no such thing, would you be more inclined to get a haircut from?

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