New York Beautician Webpage Design

This is the website we designed for her.
view her website design

When an entrepreneur wants to establish themselves and spread the magic of their brand, one of the first steps they take is getting a website designed. A website gives any business credibility and a place for clients and potential customers to congregate and engage with the company. A professional site is a form of promotion that connects with customers and points them to where you want them to go.

When we designed the site for this New York author and nail artist, we chose a simple yet colorful layout that highlighted the artist’s skills. And thanks to the WordPress software that we used, the artist is able to update her page with new photos and add them to her gallery without having to rely upon, and pay, a website designer each time she wants to add something new or make a change.

We made top navigation bar “pop” with its colored background, and kept the space below primed for important text about the artist.

“Thank you for your patience and for making my website so inviting and colorful. I have gotten many compliments.”

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