Webpage Redesign for NJ Truck Parts E-commerce Site

Truck Parts Webpage Design
BEFORE - checkout the original website design

This New Jersey based trucks parts manufacturer and e-commerce business has a lot of great products to offer the off-roading community. But their original website was merely a splash page, without any products or even contact info!

Ecommerce Website Design
AFTER - checkout the new website design

With more and more products being released, the company knew it was time to take their webpage up a notch. So they called us and we put together a sleek appearance and well organized catalog of parts. In general, the more organized the products or services listing is on your webpage, the more likely a visitor is to purchase.

Paypal checkout functionality allows customers to pay via credit card or paypal. WordPress software allows the business owner to update the site with new blog postings and tell visitors about the latest ‘must-have gear’.

"You provided my business with an interactive website which streamlined our on-line sales; reducing processing time and increasing revenue. Thanks!"

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