Webpage Redesign For New Jersey Chamber of Commerce

Original website design for this Chamber of Commerce
BEFORE - click to see original website design

The New Jersey Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce asked us to improve their webpage because the original designer did such a poor job of constructing the site, gave no tutorial on how to update it, then skipped town! There’s nothing worse than not being able to update your webpage… especially when there’s broken features! The flash animation wasn’t working. The logins and passwords weren’t working either. Links were broken.

Chamber of Commerce Website Redesign
AFTER - click to view new website design

As part of the webpage redesign, we installed WordPress to act as a content-management-system, allowing the Chamber of Commerce staff to easily update the website’s upcoming event list. Plus, visitors to the website can purchase tickets to the events through the site, which frees the chamber staff from a lot of paperwork they’d otherwise have to perform.

"Nice job… clean and crisp, easy to navigate for everyone, it is a pleasure to work with you."

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