Website Redesign For New Jersey Car Wash Broker

original website design for this new jersey car wash broker
BEFORE - see original website design

The original website design for this New Jersey car wash broker made it confusing for visitors to tell if they landed on a business website or a personal blog. The layout consisted of a standard blog template and was unclear in its messaging.

new website design for this NJ car wash broker
AFTER - see their new website

While many small business websites use WordPress blog-style themes because of their easy setup, it’s still utterly important that the theme organizes the content in a way that clearly convey’s their services, and looks less like a journal of blog entries. Repeating clipart down the right side of the page is also a big no-no!

So we installed a different WordPress theme that better organized the page content so visitors can quickly infer this is a business website in a unique B-2-B market… car wash brokering!

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