Musician Webpage Redesign

This musician's original webpage design.
BEFORE – view the original site

This musician’s original website made for a very complex shopping experience. Visitors would browse the offerings on one page. Then have to go to a separate order page and type in the information for the product they wished to purchase. Then their credit card information was emailed to the site owner who would then input a manual transaction. A complex shopping process tends to dissuade customers which is the last thing you want to do when you sell products on your website. Plus the original site looked very outdated which tended to turn-off visitors as well.

This is what the new webpage looks like for this musician.
AFTER – view his new webpage design

So when we redesigned this website, we made sure to choose a more appealing look, and a simplified shopping experience. The new shopping cart process uses a simple PayPal checkout, which most online shoppers are familiar with at this point. Using a trusted process like PayPal makes it easy for customers to check out and gives them confidence in your company ordering process.

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