Website Design for Montclair, NJ Restaurant

montclair restaurant original
BEFORE – view the original site.

The original website design for this Montclair, New Jersey restaurant gave the impression that this was a seedy little hole-in-the-wall, when in actuality it is a fabulous, upscale eatery, located in an architecturally magnificent building.

montclair restaurant new
AFTER – view their new webpage design.

The new and improved site uses brilliant photography to tantalize the taste buds, and open your eyes to the real grandeur of the place. Subtler tones are more inviting to the reader as they easily navigate from page to page. Critical information, such as hours of operation and the Reservation Desk can be found on any page. This call-to-action allows the reader to make instant reservations, so there is no chance they will forget.

Prominent reviews energize any business, but in the restaurant world, they are the life’s blood that pumps business their way. Featuring these prestigious reviews on every page helps to convince anyone who may still be sitting on the fence. It is like a shining spotlight to the core of the establishment. The complete package relates the mood, and the ambiance of the establishment, in a highly inviting way.

“Thank you again for going through all that with me in the past year to get this to where it is now. You assistance and support was nothing short of excellent.”

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