Increasing Sales by Catering to Mobile Conversions

mobile conversion rate

Google reports that click through rates increase 6-8% when a phone number is added to paid search ads. Why? Because more and more people are using smart phones for searches, and as such already have a phone in hand. The curious, or convenience motivated, will take advantage of the click-to-call functionality.

To be sure you get the attention of the potential consumer in the first place; a business needs to be sure to use variations on important keywords and phrases. A motorcycle repair place might want to also use the terms “bike repair”, “bike shop”, or “motorcycle mechanic”, etc. to show up through varied searches.

Using Google My Business to keep contact information up to date is also helpful, as is making the most of Google AdWords’ geographic tracking. Focused bidding on keywords by region and using mobile bid modifiers increases the chance your business will be seen first, or near the top of, mobile searches.

Tracking your mobile traffic will help you determine what elements of your strategy result in sales and what elements aren’t working at all. Using Call Tracking over your various click-to-call schemes will give you an idea of which funnels your customers are coming through, thereby allowing you to spend on the strategies that work best for your business.

Another way to determine the best ways in which to attract smart phone users is to create an A/B, or split, test. This involves creating two identical web pages, each with a different ad strategy, to see which gets the most visitors, click-throughs, calls, and conversions. Tracking the traffic of the losing site backwards will give you better insight on how to manage your ads.