Website Redesign For Maryland Garden Center

Original site for this Maryland garden center
BEFORE - view original website design

Rather than hire a website designer, a lot of small businesses like to try and use one of the templates offered by their hosting company. But they find out the hard way that the templates are very inflexible and look like crap!

New Website Design for this Maryland garden center
AFTER - view post-makeover website design

Such was the case with the template that this Maryland garden center used.

So they hired us to give their site a more professional look. Also, they had been doing their homework and knew that adding a blog to their site would help to attract more visitors. So they had us add an easy-to-use blogging feature (thanks to WordPress) which not only adds a lot of great keyword-friendly content to their website, but also helps relay information to customers about seasonal offerings at their store. And we threw in a mailing list sign-up form for good measure.

"It looks really nice. The feel looks good. The coupon flash animation is great. Thanks for your help and patience."

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