Lathe Manufacturer Website Design

Original Billiards Product Website Design
Before-view their original website

The original website design for this pool cue lathe manufacturer offered only one page of information which lacked critical information. The new website provides a sleek design, easy navigation, and informational videos and images to showcase the product’s benefits. The easy-to-use navigation bar can direct visitors to areas on the site, the add-to-cart buttons provide a stress free check out process, and the contact form on the bottom of each page allows simplicity in reaching out to the company through email or by using the click-to-call feature where a visitor can click the phone number and the dial feature on their smartphone will pre-populate with the number. Teaser information is added to the right side of the page for easy viewing about products and upcoming shows.

Redesigned Website For Billiards Product
After- view their new website

“Dude I love it. I’m really really happy with the results. I think you did a stellar job.”

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