Mahwah, NJ Doctor Website Design

mahwah rehab original
BEFORE – view the original site.

The original website for this Mahwah, New Jersey doctor did little more than an acknowledgement that the business existed. It was left unfinished, looked drab, and barely gave enough information for a customer to find them, if they were ever inspired enough to do so. No credentials, no qualifications…just a name, number and his schedule.

mahwah rehab new

We designed the new site to make it obvious this doctor is a qualified professional. His credentials are presented prominently, giving patients the peace of mind they require. And click of the mouse leads to his full bio and testimonials from former patients. Scrolling photos portray a bit of each of his therapeutic specialties, and links to more information allow the reader to choose how much detail they would like to read.

Each page includes contact forms to drive inquiries and ultimately new business. Overall, the entire site looks professional, and gives potential patients all they need to know to make a decision on their own care.

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