Website Re-design for Long Island Logistics Consultants

Original website design for Long Island Logistics Consultants
BEFORE - see their original design

This Long Island, New York logistical consulting business started with a pretty bland website design. That’s typically the case when you hire a family member or friend to build your site and that friend DOES know how to code, but does NOT have any design background. It didn’t “pop” and it didn’t compel visitors to take that next step and actually pick up the phone to inquire further about the business. So, they called us to fix it up…

Website Redesign for Long Island Logistics Consultants
AFTER - see their new website

First, we outfitted the site with a sharp, eye-catching new logo that blew the old one out of the water. We also moved the color scheme away from the drab green and grey and brightened it up with light blues and whites.

And as always, we made the company’s competitive advantage loud and clear: “Hire us, the experts, if you want to lower your logistical costs”.

"Looks good. Great work."

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