Long Island, NY Golf Course Website Design

Original Golf Course Website Design
Before- view their original website

This Long Island, New York golf course needed a new website design to reflect the beauty of the landscape, and communicate the great perks of membership. In the new site we constructed, the menu at the top of the page allows easy navigation to all of the important information for prospective and existing members. The homepage features a large animated gallery to help visually convey the beauty of the course. Since the head pro is a strong selling point of the club, teaser information is made prominent in the middle of the homepage and in the footer of every other page.

After- view their new website
After- view their new website

Being that this site is also responsive (i.e. mobile AND tablet friendly), it includes a click-to-call feature where a visitors do a one-step dial from their smartphone.

“I have gotten really good feedback about the site and really appreciate all of your work… Thank you so much. You’ve been wonderful.”

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