Website Re-Design for Long Island Attorneys

Original Long Island Attorney Website Design
BEFORE - see their original website design

Every respectable law practice MUST have a website that conveys an air of professionalism. Prior to calling contacting us, these Long Island, New York attorneys had a website that sold them short. So, they hired us to re-design their site to give it a more modern vibe, and to better convey who they are and what legal services they offer.

Website desgin for Long Island Attorneys
AFTER - checkout their new website design

These ends were achieved thanks to the addition of an attractive revolving banner that emphasizes their areas of expertise. The strategic placement of a couple of choice photos and a Google Map of their location put the finishing touches on a very pleasing and functional aesthetic.

We also added more content in the form of blog articles and service description pages, with the objective of improving their search-engine-rank. And thanks to the WordPress content-management-system that we installed, their employees have the tools to add blog articles whenever they please without having to rely on their website designers.

“Wow! Looking great!”

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