Jersey City Contractor Website Redesign

Original website design for Jersey City Contractor
BEFORE - see the original website design

This Jersey City, NJ flooring contractor asked SBM to be the designer/savior of their website presence. Take a look at the original website design pic to the right and you’ll see how bad their original one looked. Although these guys are some of the best contractors around, and their business was growing and they were getting a lot of great reviews and referrals from clients, their online appearance was definitely holding them back from landing additional contracts.

New website design for Jersey City Contractor
AFTER - see the new website design

Not only did the original website scare off potential clients with its amateur appearance, but it also was the farthest thing from search-engine-optimized. Their original traffic report showed only a handful of visitors per week. So as part of this website cleanup, we also made significant improvements to the underlying code so that more and more people can find them in a Google search.

Nobody is looking for contractors in the phone book anymore. Everybody is searching online. Stop hiding from potential clients!

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