Website Design for Jersey City Dental Office

JC dentist website design
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This Jersey City, New Jersey dentist entrusted us to design his first website. We made the page bright and blue because we wanted to look friendly and comforting for patients. We included an introduction to emphasize the importance of oral hygiene, which leads to the importance of visiting the dentist’s office.

The main reason a prospective patient visits a website is to see what services are offered, so we prominently displayed the services smack in the middle of the homepage. We also included reviews and insurance/payment in the menu at the top of the site to make researching the doctors skills and paying the bills simple and quick.

On the right sidebar of every page we included a prominent “make an appointment” request form, testimonials, and a map. The testimonials and map help convince prospective patients that this doctor is near and is good at what he does.

“We acquired a couple new clients right off the bat. My only complaint is that we didn’t have you build the new site sooner!” – Dr. B

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