3 More Navigation Suggestions

website navigation tips

Google, Bing, and other search engines bring potential customers to your website, but easy-to-use navigation helps keeps visitors there. If it takes a visitor more than a few seconds to find what they’re looking for – they’ll leave. Here are 3 tips to help improve the surfing experience on your site:

1. Get Organized
Now that it’s 2016 and a very large percentage of the visitors to your site are viewing it on mobile devices or tablets, your site navigation has to include more savvy ways of getting around than just an obscure sidebar menu. Having links from one page to another and a secondary menu will save mobile users from having to use annoying back buttons that often kick them back to the search engine page they came from.

2. Think Beyond The Homepage
Visitors can enter your site any number of ways (from a Google search, a link from another website, or one from a friend’s Facebook post) and where they land isn’t always on the homepage. Don’t trap them where they land – always make sure they have a path to other pages where they can learn more about your company and what it offers.

3. Keep It Simple
Don’t make your site visitors hunt and peck for information. Give them what they’re looking for in as few clicks as possible from anywhere on the site.

You want your navigation design to guide visitors to do whatever it is you want them to do. If you make them work for it, they’ll get bored and leave. Give them a clear path to conversion and they’ll take it.

Hope this helps! Got questions about these tips? Contact us now to discuss.