3 Tip To Improve Marketing Email Conversion

email marketing conversion tips

The whole point of sending marketing emails to customers or potentials is to get ‘em to act – to use your service, buy your product, call you for a consultation, etc. So how do you get them to act? Here’s 3 tips that should help:

1. Enticing Subject Line
Before you can get a person to read your email, you have to get them to open it. Most users will see your email on their phone – which shows subject lines at 35 characters or less. So give them information that’s most likely to cause action in the order that’s most important.

For example, say you’re offering service calls free to first-time customers and you’ve also got a $25 off repairs coupon. Don’t say “First-time customers receive service call for free which adds up to even greater savings with our coupon for 25% off parts.” Instead, get right to the point: “FREE first visit PLUS 25% Off Parts.” Include further info once they open the email.

2. Proofreading that Packs a Punch
You know a person in your office or at home that’s honest to a fault. Make that person your proofreader. Have them tell if you if the email you wrote is boring, condescending, or anything else that would make them delete it without acting. You don’t want a proofreader that’s going to “edit” your email with a flourish – you just want to know if it’s worth reading.

3. Make Readers Act NOW
Again, get to the point. You’re not trying to talk your mom into buying you an ice cream cone. You can be bold. Let the body of your email tell your readers why they should act, but make your call to action clear, concise, and commanding.

Don’t say “Please call us and we’ll give you free advice on making your purchase.” Be more direct. The user wants to know what to click to get what they want and you want the user to act in the way you want. So, if you want the opportunity to upsell, say “Call Now for a FREE Consultation” and if you want them to just go ahead and buy, say “Purchase Now”. Make a choice, be bold, and keep it simple.

Hope this helps! Got questions about these tips? Contact us now to discuss.