5 Tips To Improve Your Contact Form Conversion Rate

contact form conversion rates

Contact forms are an important lead generating tool on your website and how your contact form is designed matters. Here are 5 tips to help you improve your contact form conversion rate.

1. Be Consistent
Your website visitors want to fill in contact form fields in the same order they’re used to. Don’t switch it up on them by asking for an email address before you’ve asked for first and last name. Many visitors might not even be paying much attention to what the field actually asks for because they are so used to going in a certain order. If your contact form doesn’t follow protocol and they have to go back and correct fields – they probably won’t. You may lose the lead!

2. Keep it Simple
The more questions you ask, the less response you’ll have. Contact forms that ask for a lot of information seem like too much trouble to some users and too invasive to others.

3. Avoid Dropdowns
Avoid questions with dropdown answers if possible, and if you have to use them, keep the number of choices low. The less frustration user experiences when filling out your form, the more likely they are to complete and submit it.

4. To Submit Or Not To Submit, That Is the Question
“Submit” isn’t always the best choice of text for that button. You can increase your conversion rate by leaps and bounds if you make the language more specific. For instance “Get FREE Quote” works better than just “Submit”.

5. Button Color Matters
Users won’t click what doesn’t catch their eye. The Submit button should stand out enough that the user’s eye is automatically drawn to it. Use a color that contrasts with the background color but in a pleasing way.

Hope this helps! Got questions about these tips? Contact us now to discuss.