Ideal Font Sizes Retain Webpage Visitors

ideal font sizes

It may be tempting to reduce font sizes or use small font styles to increase the available real estate in your webpage design, but doing so could lose your reader’s interest entirely. With so many platforms, devices, and modes of viewing available, the sizes of your font appears may vary. While it might look fine in the design one device, it may be far too small and difficult to read for viewers on other devices.

Graphic design trends come and go, and sometimes breaking the rules is part of the design, but in most cases, one rule holds true: the text must large and contrasted enough to be readable by all possible audiences.

Internet traffic favors sites that are easy to navigate, easy to read, and give visitors the information they want quickly. If your site isn’t reader friendly, readers will click away fast, which will then HURT your search-engine-rank.

So… make sure your font sizes are large enough to easily read. And your site will be positively rewarded.